Taking The Acadia Cafe

It felt so good to be back at the Acadia Cafe rocking their stage once again. Everyone who came out had great energy. You could tell that everyone in attendance was so excited to be back out in public, drinking…

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Gigs and Typhoons

We finally played some gigs! Ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, gigs have become rare. Fortunately, we were able to pack up our van once again. We played a two hour gig at our lead singer's cousin's high…

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Just Jammin'

As summer approaches we are continuing to find gigs and recording our latest LP project. We have been in talks with a few venues and a working out the logistics for a few other shows. All shows that are confirmed…

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Photoshoot #1

Photoshoot on a Saturday. We took some cool pictures, played some sweet tunes and just shot the sh*t. That's how we took our weekend. 

New LP in the Works

So starting about 1 month ago we started working on our debut LP with Ready Go Music in Elk River, MN. Ready Go Music has been so good to us and kicked ass on our debut EP Join The Band.

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Let's Join The Band 

So we find ourselves status post Take The Weekend's Join The Band EP release... We are grateful for all of the praise from immediate friends and family as well as our new fan base. The EP turned out great. Shout…

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