Taking The Acadia Cafe

It felt so good to be back at the Acadia Cafe rocking their stage once again. Everyone who came out had great energy. You could tell that everyone in attendance was so excited to be back out in public, drinking beer with friends and rocking out to live music. We rocked the evening away playing classics such as The Beatles - Come Together, Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison, John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads and many others. The best part of the evening, however, was being able to finally perform our original songs from our EP "Join The Band". To look out over the crowd and see them smiling, laughing and belting out "Quit everything and Join The Band!" or "LET"S START A FIRE BABY!" was an incredible feeling. We had released our EP just before the pandemic and never have really had a chance to perform it live in front of our fans. With the spread of Covid-19 being so turbulent and being as unclear as ever to have any chance to play and rock out with a crowd is best thing we could ask for.

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and came out to our show! We definitely Took Our Weekend and we cannot wait for our next live show which is TBD.