Gigs and Typhoons

We finally played some gigs! Ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, gigs have become rare. Fortunately, we were able to pack up our van once again. We played a two hour gig at our lead singer's cousin's high school graduation party. This was our first show since early 2020 and it was the first TTW show for our new bass player, Lennon. Our world is starting to feel normal again as live shows and other summer events proceed. We had the great opportunity of being selected for Dakota County's Music in the Park series. It was Tuesday, June 29th at Whitetail Woods Regional Park. The community was very eager to see live music again as the parking lot overflowed with cars. The evening was turning out to be a huge success as we plugged in our amps and began our sound check. We started out the show with a slow jam that crescendoed into our first song for the evening, Come Together by The Beatles. We rang out the final note as the audience cheered. The smiles and joy coming the audience was surreal. We were actually rocking a stage once again! Our set proceeded with a few originals from our EP, Join The Band. The crowd started to liven up and sing along with covers they new. The children were dancing in the grass as the first rain drops fell. It began as a few rain drops. Then A typhoon of rain crashed our party. The radar did not show and signs of the rain clearing. Our amps ran hot and the amount of rain was making for a tricky electrical situation. We tried to accommodate our set, but eventually the decision was made to cut our set short and pack up. We had only played about half of our set, but we really rocked it. Members of the audience came up to us and thanked us for our playing and expressed so much excitement with the return of live music. Now, we are looking forward to the release of our new LP project (still unnamed). Stay tuned for any and all TTW news on our social media platforms.