Let's Join The Band 

So we find ourselves status post Take The Weekend's Join The Band EP release... We are grateful for all of the praise from immediate friends and family as well as our new fan base. The EP turned out great. Shout outs to James Sparks and Aidan Dykstra from Ready Go Music who produced the EP.

Join The Band is a calling, it is for anyone who wants more from life. The inspiration for Join The Band was simply, the joy of making music and being away from the standard 9-5 or 10 page essay. Each time we plug in the amp or sit at the drum kit all of our stress... all of our worries, sorrows, troubles, commitments fade away. The dream of Joining The Band sets in and we find ourselves in a better state than we were before. Our dream is to create meaningful music that helps the, "down on my luck" the, "let's send it" and the, "I've Fallen in Love", crowds. We want to help everyone Take Their Weekend.